“I think interactive experiences are really exciting. WIth Oculus Touch and other technology on the horizon the possibility that viewers will be able to become part of the movie and video experience are very intriguing.”


Filmmaking Specialty: Director/Producer/Editor
# Years Experience: 11
A little about your journey as a filmmaker: I started my professional career in Los Angeles and worked my way through several small budget indie films as Associate Producer, Assistant Director and Assistant Editor until I finally found my niche as editor at a small production company where I cut television shows for Discovery Channel, TLC and History Channel. In 2007, before video online was mainstream and standard, I was hired as an editor with Warner Brothers on a new web series. Then in 2008 they promoted me to Associate Producer to help launch The Bonnie Hunt Show, a nationally broadcasted daytime talk show. Since moving to Charlotte I have worked at ESPN and a local news station. I have been at Wray Ward for nearly 3 years. Since starting here I have had the opportunity to direct two complete web series’, two national commercials, a feature length documentary and countless corporate productions.
Equipment You Use on Typical Project: Canon 7D Mark 2, Canon C100, RED, DJI Phantom 2 drone, GoPro cameras, MoVi M10
Majority of Recent Projects: Recently I directed and edited a national commercial for VELUX skylights. I am also directing a documentary about the US Sailing Team and its journey to the 2016 Olympics in Rio.
Notable Clients: Sunbrella, VELUX, Eaton, Xerox, Britax



Largest Project: documentary about the US Sailing team
Notable Mentors: Jim Paratore, Executive Producer on The Bonnie Hunt Show and Ellen (he has since passed away), John Mader, VP at Wray Ward, John Roberts, VP and Executive Creative Director at Wray Ward
Notable Projects: Natl. commercials for Britax and VELUX, The Bonnie Hunt Show, Sailing Documentary
Festival Screenings/Awards: Numerous Addy awards, an Emmy nomination, short film in festivals



A recent a ha moment: 
The next exciting thing. I think interactive experiences are really exciting. With Oculus Touch and other technology on the horizon the possibility that viewers will be able to become part of the movie and video experience are very intriguing.
The importance of story. Story is everything. If you can’t tell a story you won’t make anything of importance when it comes to film.
The last film you watched before you knew you wanted to make films?
Who are the best filmmakers alive? Richard Linklater, Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen, Spike Lee



Thoughts on how film benefits a city? $$$
How has social media changed the business of film? Social media is passé. Film has moved on to more targeted media and marketing. It’s personalized. But what social media does allow people like you and I to do, is share our favorite video clips, trailers and news about film.
What have you seen as the affects of losing the NC Film Incentives? Yes, I believe we lost Homeland because of this. That means we lost jobs.
Film = Jobs..?  Explain.  People work in film and not everyone makes a million dollars. There are more than 100 people behind the scenes of your favorite movie, not just the one actor you see on screen or the one director screaming action.
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